Nestled in the picturesque hills of the Mohican and Clearfork Valley, Butler was originally founded in 1848 as Spohntown. Today the Village and the surrounding area still embrace family owned businesses and family oriented activities. The B&O Bike Trail starts in Hitchman's Park where you can relax before and after an enjoyable ride. 

          Scenic State Route 97 and 95 intersect in the village with travelers heading to the Mohican State Park, the Prairie Peddler in the fall, and numerous campgrounds in the summer.  Stop and Shop is the perfect opportunity to support our area from our local vendors. 

           The Village Hall is located at 111 West Elm Street with OFFICE HOURS FROM 9:00am to 3:00pm, TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. The village owned utilities are water and wastewater.   

         The Village of Butler is a zoned community.  Permits are required before residents build and/or make improvements. Permits for door-to-door soliciation are also required and  paperwork may be obtained for both types of permits at the village hall during office hours for all permits. Permit fees and paperwork must be paid and completed before beginning door-to-door solicitation or building projects, any home with a posted "NO SOLICITORS INVITED" shall not be approached.   

Elected Officials/Administration

Mayor: Wes Dingus

Council Members: Joshua Haring, Natasha Waltz, Jeremy Weikle, Rick Thran, Kevin Hoffer, Russ Watts

Village Administrator & Zoning Administrator: Rick Freeman

*Fiscal Officer: Mandy Rimar (Utility Billing Clerk & Payroll)

Clerk of Council: Mandy Rimar

Chief of Police: Eric Winbigler